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anti commercialism -- AT ITS FINEST!!

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Life is Borne.. [Feb. 11th, 2006|10:35 pm]
anti commercialism -- AT ITS FINEST!!


[Tags|, ]
[state of essence |devilishly divine..]
[current audial influence |tv - space channel]

"The world was born as a Foetus
And by now in its Adolescence will eat us;
Its Sonic-piercing cries,
With Anarchy-stained eyes,
Teething for Independence
I spread my wayward "lies".

You're a cyber-genetic Engineer,
You got psycho-kinetic Hyper-Gear,
I'm taking up space for your TechnoSphere
For you and your shanty-town 'Pride'.

Dissolving in your embryonic fear,
I'm floating in the foetal womb inside your ear,
And waiting to be injected,
Refusing to be Rejected,
By your lovely, O-Positive 'Ptolemaic' side."


welcome... to where the underconsciousness lie... -.- \m/